Built in Cupboards

Built in cupboards are often the best way to get the most out of your space. Often, we are faced with a room that has an unusual layout. Radebe’s Kitchen’s manufacture cupboard’s that can be moulded into that specific area. Built in cupboards allow you to choose your own dimensions that you specify which makes all of the spaces usable, which allows you to use up every single inch of the space.

Our built in cupboards are available in an array of styles can set the tone for any room. Whether you are wanting to go for a organic mood using wooden units, or if you are wanting to go for a custom stainless steel option for a more modern feel, Radebe’s Kitchen’s can offer it all!

Deciding on what material you would like your built in cupboard to be made up of is an important decision. We are proud to be able to offer you a wide range of materials for all your carpentry needs which generally include:

  • Malamine Boards
  • Chipwood
  • Solid Woods
  • Foil-Wrap
  • Granite
  • Post-Formed Tops

The advantages of built in cupboards are endless. Innovation in design will allow you to store your possessions, hide unnecessary clutter and make the best use of available space. Built in cupboards also allows for easier cleaning. No need to dust or sweep behind your cupboard as it is built in.

Our built in cupboards are built in such a way that there is minimum wasted space. They are durable and only top quality materials are used. From design through to installation, we make sure that your bedroom cupboards are manufactured correctly.

We also offer a fine range of various handles and steel accessories to finish off your quality piece.

Call Radebe’s Kitchen’s today for a quote on 083 717 1674 for the best advise when choosing your built in cupboards.

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